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“Two of the girls shut up in the little dressing-room? And the key missing? Suppose there should be a fire, Miss Olaine?” Mrs. Pangborn had just arrived. She had not even removed her bonnet, only untied its strings. And she sat with her feet on the fender of the open fire place where the gaslog burned in the office. It was a half hour after midnight and Glenwood Hall was supposed to be as silent as the tomb at that time. “I thought of that. It is a trick,” said the dark teacher, hastily, and wringing her hands together in the peculiar way she had. It showed that Miss Olaine was a very nervous person. “How do you mean—a trick?” asked the principal, quietly. “Some person in league with the two girls removed the key, of course. I am sure it was done so as to keep me out while they ate forbidden food.” 62 “But did they not have their supper?” “Bread and milk; quite enough for them.” “And for luncheon? You say they were shut into the room in the... (more)

smb tips
My First Post
Hello everyone. Glad to be here. Testing Video embed:

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metafalcon Testing this out to see how to make links!

On repeat...
To the one who keeps breaking my heart, as if it's a song on repeat... I wish you know how much I love you and I always will, no matter how it hurts... There is nothing I wouldn't do for you. No mountain I wouldn't climb, no ocean I wouldn't cross, nothing I wouldn't give. I have loved you even before I met you. I have loved you even when you were still a dot, forming, developing, until you've evolved into a beautiful creation. I have watched over you, nurtured you, and basked in the wonder of seeing you evolve into the beautiful human being you are now... No matter how many times we argue, no matter how many times we fight, no matter how many times you choose others before me.... You will always be my only one. You will always be my only choice. You will always have my heart, from the time you took your first breath, until the time I take my last. I wish you can see yourself through my eyes, for only then would you realize just how... (more)

whinny yinnie
i still love him
My heart, mind and body yearns so badly for him. Every night I miss his hugs and kisses, every morning I wake up from a dream that we are closely lovingly embraced together. why did i selfishly went ahead with that movie with the other guy, and told him that we broke up, and lied to one of my best friends? I am in such a mess now and I can't bear to own up to myself. I feel terrible. All I want to do, is to run into his arms and kiss him lovingly over and over and cry and apologize for all that I have done and beg him to keep loving me. I feel his love too, I know he misses me a lot. His life is increasingly hard now without me and facing an enormous, almost impossible workload. I feel so empty and soulless. I have no freedom, no chance to have my own activities, I feel useless at work, I have no motivation, I try hard to be patient with my mom and love her. I miss him so much it hurts so bad... I want to say to him, I'm sorry... Can we be together again?... How I wish I can be... (more)

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